I have big plans for this year.....for myself......and for my company.  So excited to turn the page and start an exciting new chapter in the "Simple Pleasures" of  my life!!  With God, all things are possible......no dream is too big for Him.....no challenge too great.  Praying now that God will be my director....striving to allow him full rein of my ambitions.....full rein of my creative energy......to be the first One that I go to for guidance and not the last.  


With smiles and a few tears I'm also reflecting today about my "Mama Lottie"  who always said: "Tina, as bull-headed and determined as you are, you can do anything you want to if you set your mind to it."   


Finished another new bed jacket this weekend.....it seems that we cannot make enough of these little lovelies! 





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