Vintage inspiration......couture quality......artisan details.

Tina Woodruff

 I studied fashion history at the university, and my passion for it has intensified over the years.  Many of my own designs are drawn from the influence of vintage fashion......the placement of a pleat or tuck.....the sleeve detail.....the inclusion of beautiful lace detail.  I am especially passionate about hand-sewn work much like you would see done in the couture houses of Paris.  I find it very exciting to add tiny stitches with needle and thread, making the finished piece truly a little work of art.  For 32 years of having my own line of sleepwear & loungewear,  I have enjoyed learning more about my craft, honing my skills to better serve you, and being so thankful that every day I am blessed to do what I love!  And also so very grateful for those that influenced me in the 30+ years prior to launching Simple Pleasures.  My mother and both grandmothers were instrumental in instilling that creative spirit that has been with me my entire life.  Thank you Mama, Granny, and Grandma! 

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