She walks in beauty.....

Tina Woodruff


She walks in beauty....this is and always has been my desire for Simple Pleasures....for us as godly women to constantly dwell in His presence and draw on His strength and wisdom.  To always be nurturing and renewing ourselves so that we can be the best that we can be and in turn be a blessing to others.  Lately I have been in a stage of reflection over the last 33 years of Simple Pleasures' life as a business and how my life and that of countless others has been blessed by its existence.  You see, Simple Pleasures is about far more than pretty pjs and is about a lifestyle of learning and growing...rebounding from mistakes....learning to find joy in all circumstances...accepting that there will be days when one step in front of the other is an accomplishment....and trusting God's absolute  omnipotence regardless of our circumstances. Every day for me begins with a walk through my backyard garden, relishing in His handiwork and soaking in the peaceful sound of the birds happily chirping.  A quiet breeze usually brushes my face as I quietly stroll along checking to see what has grown overnight and what spent blooms need to be pinched.  A big cup of fresh coffee follows along with some quiet time in scripture, always wanting to start off my day with the utmost strength and direction.  With this preparation, no obstacle can stop me and nothing can slow down the creative energy that flows through me.  So with all this being said, I want to share my daily routine with you as I look forward to each of you sharing your days with me as well. THIS is what Simple Pleasures is meant to be a vehicle through which we all share and support one another.  Thank you for your support throughout my 33 years of bringing you the finest sleepwear and loungewear that I could produce and what I trust has been unsurpassed customer service.

Looking forward to hearing from you anytime. And remember, we are ALL in this life TOGETHER! Kindred spirits sharing, growing, and encouraging one another every step of the way.🌺



Designer & President

Simple Pleasures, Inc.

My direct line:  615-210-3572 

"simply the finest in cotton sleepwear & loungewear!"


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