Does what we collect reveal who we really are?

Tina Woodruff

When I start "digging through my drawers" it is like Christmas morning all over again!  Every nook and cranny in my home, my studio, and my office is literally stuffed with goodies that are sort of like my autobiography....just not put into words yet.  

Let's take for example one of my several thread cabinets now living a new life as a lovely storage piece...full of all things vintage. Yes, I have a bazillion old spools of thread, which I often use for hand sewing..,,thousands of buttons....miles and miles of lace trim....and boxes and boxes of vintage patterns that are both inspiring and educational.  The history of fashion is a passionate interest of mine....I am not only intrigued by the designs, but I also love researching their historical significance.  
Would you believe I still have my diagrams and class notes from my Fashion History courses in design school? Dr. Frank not only was an austere instructor in her field of expertise, but was a skilled seamstress as well.  I remember being very impressed by her own lovely couture style suits that could easily rival those of Chanel or Dior. She was such a classy lady and made quite an impression on this student of fashion.

Getting back to what is in all these first set of Gingher pinking original set of french curves; paint brushes and watercolors from fashion illustration class; a few of my many sewing thimbles, etc.

 Why do I keep these things and enjoy rummaging through them occasionally?  They remind me of who I am...where I came from ...what has and still does inspire me....providing a little ephemeral stroll through time.  And after each of these little strolls I move through the rest of my day feeling excited to have rediscovered my treasures, anxious to share their stories and happy to have reaquainted myself with who I am.

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