I love my crazy life!

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I have decided that I thrive on a bit of chaos...a bit of not having any idea how I will get it all done...finishing up a project with great satisfaction, while I am already mentally halfway into the next one!  Meet Ms. "Tina Eva Renee"..if you know me, you've got to love me.....after all God made me this way... didn't He???!!!

Loving the new colors I have developed for our Spring 2019 introductions!  Thanks to those of you who have been my guinea pigs this past year as I have brought pieces into the shop for your opinions and feed back.  I'm delighted to announce that Blush Sand, Smokey Gray,, and Smokey Lavender have passed the test with flying colors and are being knitted and finished as we speak!!  I can hardly wait to present the new styles to you in early 2019.  Please pray for us that this and every new move we make will be a move forward, blessed in advance by God and His desire to use each of us in a great and mighty way. He even says He will bless us beyond what we could every hope or imagine!!!

As we embrace every lovely moment of our Christmas season, loving all the family gatherings, relishing in what the love of Jesus has brought into our lives:and those of our family and friends,...I find myself to be more thankful than every for all the choices we have in our lives.....all the many wonderful conveniences that those before us did not have...my wonderful Iphone that allows me to take product photos with the snap of a finger (it's the phone that knows what it's doing!  Don't you just love the portrait mode!!!)   Still hoping for an amazing digital SLR one of these days so I can photo anything, anywhere, anytime....I just need someone to tell me what to do with all those buttons and dials!

Thanks to all my customers for your support and friendship over the last 27 years since my "labor pains" gave birth to "Simple Pleasures" as you know it today.  What an exciting and blessed journey I have been on and still travel every day....learning....growing....with plenty of failures to mix in with the victories.  What matters is that I face FORWARD....strive ONWARD....with faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has felt all my fear,  all my aches and pains....all my doubt and worry....and He has overcome it ALL for me and for you.  If God gives us a commission in this world, whatever it might be, wherever it might be, then He has already made provision for its success in Him....everything we need has already been provided in advance.....we just have to seek God to gain his guidance and blessing each step of the way.

That is where the growth happens.....living with ultimate faith in the unknown because we are safe in the unknown if God is there with us.  

Looking forward with great anticipation for all of us,




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