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I love this movie (and ALL Jane Austen movies!).  Watched this one five times this weekend!  I am fascinated by fashion history, and that of the Regency era is one of my favorites.  I love the empire waistlines, the masses of tiny little pleats all around, the Spencer jackets.....plus all sorts of other details very specific to this period.  


The theme of the movie Miss Austen Regrets is her biographical sketch, giving the viewer insight into why she wrote what she did. I am such a fan of this and all Jane Austen movies. I have been known to pause the movie, move up close to the television, and snap a photo with my iphone so I can add ideas to my fashion history archives.  A bit eccentric I admit!

https://www.uvm.edu/~hag/regency/tips/ has lots of sewing detail.

I so admire Jane Austen as an author, especially given her personal  circumstances throughout her life. She basically supported her family through her writings and suffered grave illness in the last years of her life.  Passing away at the young age of 42, she made a mark in nineteenth century literature that can never be erased and will always reign as a model of true literary talent.

Read more about her life here:


Photos courtesy of the movie Miss Austen Regrets.

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