Missing my Mama.........

Tina Woodruff

My #1 cheerleader....my friend....growing up the house sometimes wasn't big enough for the two of us, but Mama had everything to do with nurturing my love for all things creative.  She hated to sew (too tedious for her) but she saw that I did.  Mama would buy pattern, fabric, and all the notions for me to make whatever I wanted.....often surprised me on Fridays with a new project that she had slipped into my bedroom and left at the foot of the bed. Loved her family.....was a wife, mother, and homemaker for most of her life.  As a young girl she had always wanted to be a nurse, but her daddy wouldn't allow it.  Finally after many years she studied to become a nurse's assistant at the local community college when my youngest brother started to school.   She postponed her biggest dream for her family.....and I will always be grateful to her for all the sacrifices she made on our behalf and there were many.  Missing Mama is only bearable for me because I KNOW I will see her sweet smiling face again and I can tell her again how much I love and appreciate her.....so honored to call her "Mama".


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