The ten commandments of sewing.......

Tina Woodruff

As first printed a long time ago in Sew News this!

   Thou shalt put away no ironing board before its time.

             Thou shalt not expect meals, clean laundry or a                sparkling house when sewing calls.

           Thou shalt walk through this room as if treading on             needles and pins.

    Thou shalt not use my fabric shears.

  Thou shalt not covet my sewing machine.

               Thou shalt stick no unthreaded needles in the pin           cushion.

           Thou shalt always remember a stitch in time saves nine.  

       Thou shalt not touch my organized mess.

             Thou shalt remember that each item sewn is stitched                with love and care.

       Thou shalt praise God often for all creative talent.


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