"She designed a life she loved" . . . . .

Tina Woodruff

For all my time in business, the wisest decisions have come from listening to my customers.  What do they need that I am not providing?  What would they like to see me offer that they are not finding anywhere else?  Which is more important to them, price point or quality?  And does "Made in the USA" make any difference in their buying decisions?

For my customers, I have found that several of my most successful additions to our lineup have been due to customer requests.  They still to this day come to me to ask that I produce a style that they "just can't find anywhere else!"  Quality is very important to them, far above price. Ladies continue to tell me how many years they have been wearing their pjs or their gown and that husband has said "time for a new one dear."  

And regarding Made in the USA, this has become more and more important for many customers.  Sometimes through trial and error they have found that "you do get what you pay for", as the expression goes, and many times fabrics and finished goods made outside of the US are not of the same quality as those that we produce.  Our cotton is sourced here in the US and it is spun into yarn and knitted into our lovely textured knits right here in the US, practically at our back door!  Our sewing is done here in Tennessee where Simple Pleasures, Inc. is headquartered.  So when you read our label "Made in the USA" you can know that it is TOTALLY Made in the USA, start to finish. Often times new customers tell me that they will only purchase a USA product, not only for quality reasons, but also to simply support our economy and other individuals like myself who have built their business here from the ground up. 

 Your support is so valued and important to us!  Without it, I would not have been able to produce a product that I believe in with all my heart.  My original concept came as a result of not finding lovely sleepwear and loungewear that was comfy, practical, and pretty....nightgowns and pjs that made me feel like a queen when I was wearing them....peignoir sets that made me feel feminine and ladylike....and incorporating my fascination with unusual textures and beautiful laces.  I paired my design background with my desire for a look that I could not find, and Simple Pleasures Night & Day was born.  

New ideas are always floating around in my head (which is likely why this girl does not sleep very much!)  I can't bring them all to fruition, but I will selectively bring my best to you.  Know that whatever you see from me, it will be born out of a passionate love for what I am doing and a sincere belief that Simple Pleasures is the result of a seed that God himself planted.




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