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I must admit that I rarely get everything out on time.  And my new introductions don't necessarily fall in line with usual seasonal introductions offered in the sleepwear market.  Simple Pleasures Sleepwear is not is amazingly comfy to wear year round wherever you are!  And most of our Night & Day Basics silhouettes are tried and true and have been offered for most of our 30 years!  

I add custom couture pieces throughout the year, as my creative urges direct me, and as I gain feedback from customers.

This has pretty much been my rule of thumb for a long time and has worked very well for us.  I added 3/4 length gowns and palazzo sets due to customer requests....I wish I had offered that length from the very beginning because it is perfect regardless of your height.  This led to my Short Sleeve Long Top & Palazzos becoming my #l seller and continues to this day as our "Famous PJ's". Cotton bed jackets are another example of an item introduced due to customer requests and are a top-seller as well.

My overall priority will always be to provide you, my customers, with the highest quality, most versatile, and most feminine sleepwear & loungewear on on the market while also offering the best in customer service.  We know our customers names......and we love getting to know you! 
Your feedback is always welcome. Relay your ideas to me and let us know what we are doing right, and what we can do better.

And most importantly, whether you are a shop that carries Simple Pleasures Sleepwear, or an individual that orders directly from us, we thank you for your confidence in us and our products!  And thank you for supporting a product totally made in the USA from American-grown cotton!.

Kindest regards,


Designer & President

Simple Pleasures, Inc. 


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