Vintage Fashion Inspiration . . .

Tina Woodruff

I have been a passionate student of fashion history most of my adult life, from which I have gained much inspiration for my own current designs.  I am fascinated by the detail and workmanship reflected in the designs of the likes of Christian Dior, Balenciaga, and Coco Chanel to name only a few. The finished work produced by their expert seamstresses was garments with intricate details, fine hand-stiching, resulting in pieces that were literally beautiful inside and out.  I find this attention to detail and superb quality an ongoing inspiration for me today.  I have studied many books on couture sewing and incorporate many of those techniques in my TinaEvaRenee Couture silhouettes.

Featured here is a stunning lounging ensemble worn by Old Hollywood film star Hedy Lamarr, illustrating how classy, fashionable ladies of the mid 20th century really “dressed” for lounging and entertaining at home.  What lady would not want to sachet around for a few relaxing hours in something as gorgeous and flattering as this!  The sumptuous velvet, lace embellishment, cinched waistline, and flowing train would have to make one feel like a queen!

Would you like to see how I might interpret this stunning piece as TinaEvaRenee Couture?


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